Our Theology
Our Distinctives
Evangelical (Jesus is central / the Bible is Truth / salvation is by grace through faith in
Jesus Christ)

Trinitarian (God is eternally existent in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit)

Covenantal (We who are born again believers are spiritual descendants of Abraham
and in covenant with God)

Faith People - (By faith we accept all of the Truth in the Old and New Testaments in
the Holy Bible)

Charismatic (We believe in and practice the gifts of the Spirit; signs, wonders, and
miracles happen)

Apostolic (This church is structured and operates according to the original apostolic
model of the Church)

Non-denominational (We are KIngdom-minded and we promote the unity of the faith
within the Body of Christ - there is only one Body)

Aligned (We are a member of the Covenant Global family which is an apostolic sphere
working in many nations)

Non-exclusive (All born again believers are a part of the Church which is the Body of
We are a family.
The first distinctive of Riverside Church is how we view the church and how we refer to it. This
is a family, it is not an organization or a non-profit entity. There is a blood covenant set in
place by God with Abraham and his seed; it was completed for us through Jesus’ sacrifice at
Calvary. Love is the dominant characteristic of a covenant relationship, and love is therefore
the foundation of this spiritual family.

Simple, apostolic structure.
Another distinctive is the simplicity of Riverside Church family. There are no man-made
doctrines that dilute Truth and distract from the work of the Gospel. Jesus is the Head of this
family and He directs this family through the one He has chosen as overseer. We simply hear
from God and obey Him. Jesus is glorified and magnified through this simple model because it
is His original design.

A place of personal development.   
The Riverside Church family is a place of joy and freedom and personal development. The
Word of God is Truth, and the Truth is taught and received and it leads us forward and
upward within the plan of God for us corporately as a family and individually. The Holy Spirit
guides us into our Kingdom destiny by the Word of God.

A place you are accepted.  
Born again Christians of all ages find the Riverside Church family a good place to be.
Everyone is valuable to Jesus and therefore each is valuable to us; every person is warmly
accepted in love. No consideration is given to such things as one’s past, one's color, one's
nationality, or other personal characteristics. Those born of the Spirit of God are welcome in
this family.

A part of something BIG.
The Body of Christ is universal in scope and Riverside Church is a part it. We are a regional
church in Oklahoma but global in scope by virtue of being aligned with the international
Covenant Global family which is an apostolic sphere that is directly impacting many nations.